• Instructor: Rajan R.
  • Students: 2243
  • Duration: 6 weeks

Tableau (Desktop and Server) Course Content

  • Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Product Line
  • Application Terminology

Saving a Data Source
Sharing a Data Source
Understanding Changes to Data
Other Data Connection Options in Tableau

Getting Started in Tableau Desktop
Elements of a Visualization
Formatting Your View
Simplifying and Sorting Your Data

Using Groups
Creating and Using Hierarchies
Creating a Combined Field
Using Sets

Working with Dates
Using Discrete Date Parts
Creating Date Filters
Defining a Fiscal Year
Creating Custom Dates

Comparing Views with Multiple Measures
Using Measure Values and Measure Names
Combo Charts
Combined or Shared Axis Charts
Creating Dual Axis Charts

Options for Showing Numerical Relationships
Creating Scatter Plots
Creating Heat Maps

Mapping in Tableau
Geographic Mapping

Bins and Histograms

Creating Crosstabs
Creating Highlight Tables
Grand Totals, Sub-totals, and Changing Aggregation

Calculation Types
Creating Calculated Fields
Using Logic Statements
Type Conversions and Date Calculations
Using Quick Table Calculations
Calculations and Aggregations

Pie Charts and Parts of the Whole
Creating Tree Map

Building Dashboards
Dashboard Actions
Using Drill Downs

Export to an Image File
Exporting the Data Only
Other Sharing Options

Desktop Data Architecture
Using Data Extracts
Custom SQL Data Connection

All About Joins
Using Data Blending

Creating and Editing Calculated Fields
Calculations Performed on the Database
Calculations and Aggregations
Aggregating Dimensions in Calculations
Record Level Calculations for Date Conversion

Table Calculation Scope and Direction
Null Values in Table Calculations
Table Calculations for Statistical Analysis

Using Parameters and Reference Lines
Using Parameters with Filters

Showing Total Progress Toward a Goal (Bar in Bar Graph)
Showing Staged Progress Toward a Goal (Bullet Graph)
Showing the Biggest and the Smallest Values

How Tableau Performs Automatic Geocoding of Data
Modifying Geocode Locations within Tableau
Custom Geocoding

Dual Axis Maps
Mapping Paths
Using Background Images for Spatial Analysis

Creating a Pareto Chart
Box and Whisker Plots
Reference Distributions

Trend Lines

Comparing Quick Filters, Actions, and Parameters
Highlight Actions
Filter Actions
URL Actions

Using Instructions
Dashboard Formatting

Sharing Packaged Workbooks
Export to an Image File
Exporting the Data Only
Other Sharing Options

Create Users
Create Sites
Publish and share dashboards with customers
Application Terminology

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