• Instructor: Rosy Janner
  • Students: 8759
  • Duration: 10 weeks


By utilizing charts and flowcharts we would setup be able to the computerization exercises by utilizing UiPath work process planner. Utilizing UiPath studio it’s simpler to robotize the procedures. By utilizing simplified alternatives we can arrange and perform computerization quicker, more individuals can chip away at a similar work process it gives shareable and reusable segments among tasks and groups.

  1. Basic familiarization to RPA
  2. The User Interface
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Updating UI Path Studio
  5. Connecting your Project to a Source Control
  6. Enabling Tracing
  7. Creating a Basic Workflow
  8. Introduction to Debugging a Workflow
  9. Managing Packages
  1. Sequences
  2. lowcharts
  3. State Machines
  1. Managing Variables
  2. Naming Best Practices
  3. The Variables Panel
  4. Types of Variables
  5. Generic Value Variables
  6. Text Variables
  7. True or False Variables
  8. Number Variables
  9. Array Variables
  10. Date and Time Variables
  11. Data Table Variables
  1. Managing Arguments
  2. Naming Best Practices
  3. The Arguments Panel
  4. Using Arguments
  1. About Imported Namespaces
  2. Importing New Namespaces
  1. About Control Flow
  2. Control Flow Activities
  3. The Assign Activity
  4. The Delay Activity
  5. The Do While Activity
  6. The If Activity
  7. The Switch Activity
  8. The While Activity
  9. The For Each Activity
  10. The Break Activity
  1. About Recording
  2. About Recording Types
  3. Automatic Recording
  4. Example of Automatic Recording with Basic and Desktop
  5. Example of Automatic Recording with Web
  6. Manual Recording
  1. About UI Elements
  2. UI Activities Properties
  3. Input Methods
  4. Example of Using Input Methods
  5. Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  6. Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  1. About Data Scraping
  2. Example of Using Data Scraping
  1. About Selectors
  2. Selectors with Wildcards
  3. Full Versus Partial Selectors
  4. UiPath Explorer
  1. Image and Test based Automation
  2. Advanced Citrix automation
  1. Data Table
  2. Excel
  1. Mail PDF
  2. User Events
  1. Project Organization
  2. Exceptions and Debugging
  3. UIPath Infrastructure and Administration
  4. UIPath and area of RPA it is associated with
  5. UIPath Setup
  6. Connecting different systems and the problems associated
  7. Managing Solutions
  8. UIPath RPA Features

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How to Automate Mainframe and Terminals

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