• Instructor: jrpinhei
  • Students: 7891
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Node js an open source cross-platform run time environment that executes the applications outside the browser. Node JS allows developers to use JavaScript for writing commands to run the commands outside of the web browser. In other words,NodeJS is a JAVA script run-time built on chrome V8 JAVA script engine.

Basically, nodeJS uses an event-driven non-blocking I/O model. Across the distributed devices node JS used for the creation of lightweight and efficient data-intensive real-time applications.This Node JS  basically used for traditional websites and back-end API services. While considering the web application development node JS becomes an exceptional choice for website development. It additionally allows developers to create web servers and networking tools. The Node JS course covers the following concepts :

Data streaming

Proxy server

Single code database


Get the complete picturization on these concepts  at Nodejs course

  • Audience
  • Pre-requisites
  • About Node
  • Execute Node
  • Features
  • Who use Node
  • Concepts
  • Where to use
  • Where not to use
  • Text Editor
  • Nodejs Run Time
  • Download NodeJs
  • Installation
  • Executing
  • Creating a NodeJs Application
  • Make a request to NodeJs Server
  • What is REPL?
  • Starting REPL
  • REPL Commands
  • Stopping REPL
  • Installing Modules using NPM
  • Global vs Local Installation
  • Using packages.json
  • Attributes of packages.json
  • Uninstalling Module
  • Updating Module
  • Searching Module
  • Create a Module
  • Using Props
  • Default Props
  • State and Props

Validating Props

  • Set State
  • Force Update
  • Find DOM Node

Lifecycle Methods

  • Simple
  • Complex
  • Simple
  • Child
  • What is Refs
  • Using Refs
  • What is Keys
  • Using Keys
  • Install a React Router
  • Add a Router
  • Create Components
  • What is Flux
  • Flux Elements
  • Flux Props
  • Install Redux
  • Create Files and Folders
  • Actions
  • Reducers
  • Store
  • Root Component
  • Other Components
  • Install React CSS Transitions Group
  • Add a CSS File
  • Appear Animation
  • Enter and Leave Animations
  • onnecting Node and MongoDB
  • Database Creation, Drop
  • Collection Operations
  • Documents Operations

Node and MongoDB Application

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