• Instructor: Mike Hussy
  • Students: 23526
  • Duration: 5 weeks

Java Complete Syllabus

1. Core Java
2. Advanced Java
3. Spring Framework
4. Hibernate
5. WebServices

Core Java

  • Introduction
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Introduction to Java
  • Features of java
  • Java programming basics
  • Data types
  • Type casting
  • Control Structure
  • Java Arrays
  • Command-line arguments
  • Class and Object
  • Abstract classes
  • Interfaces
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Inner classes
    Packages and Java
  • class path
  • Exception handling fundamentals
  • Exception types try catch finally blocks
  • Throw , throws keywords
  • Creating custom exceptions
  • Introduction to threads
  • Multi threading in java
  • Thread lifecycle
  • Thread class and Runnable interface
  • Thread priorities
  • Synchronization
  • Interthread communication
  • The java.lang package overview
  • Tthe Object class
  • Wwrapper classes
  • System class
  • Math class
  • String & StringBuffer
  • Collections overview
  • Collection
  • List,Set,SortedSet
  • ArrayList ,LinkedList,TreeSet
  • Hashtable,Enumeration
  • Vector
  • Date,Calendar
  • Streams overview
  • Byte streams vs. Character streams
  • Input/Output streams
  • Reading/Writing from/to files – the File Streams
  • Networking overview
  • Basics of java network programming

Advanced Java

JDBC overview
SQL- Structured Query Language
JDBC Programming Concepts
Query Execution
Scrollable and Updatable Result Sets
Working with Statements
Row Sets
Batch Updates
Calling stored procedures and functions

Web Application Life Cycle
Web Modules
Configuring Web Applications
Accessing Databases from Web Applications
Jar, war and ear
Webserver & Application Server

Servlets overview
Servlet Life Cycle
Sharing Information
Initializing a Servlet
Writing Service Methods
Filtering Requests and Responses
Invoking Other Web Resources
Accessing the Web Context
Session tracking and management

JSP overview
The Life Cycle of a JSP Page
Declarations, Scriptlets, Expressions
JSP Action tags
JSP implicit objects
Scope in JSP

Using JSTL
Core Tag Library

Spring Framework

Spring modules
Dependency injection
Spring containers (Bean Factory, Application Context)
Basic bean wiring
Bean life cycle

Using jdbc with spring
Working with Datasources,
Working with jdbctemplates,
DML operations on data

Types of controllers
Handling web requests
Mapping requests to controllers
Handler Mappings
Processing commands, form submissions
Resolving text messages (property files)
View resolvers
Working with throw away controllers
ContextLoaderListener for loading configuration files

Join points, point cuts, advice, aspects
AspectJ syntax for AOP
AOP configuration elements

The meaning of transaction
Transaction attributes
Spring transaction management support
Choosing a transaction manger
Declarative transaction management

Messaging overview (JMS)
Using Messages with Spring

Parent and child beans
Inner beans
Bean wiring with property files


Overview of O/R mapping
Overview of Hibernate architecture
Setting up and running your first Hibernate application.

Hibernate configuration property file
Hibernate configuration XML file
Database dialects
Obtaining a Session Factory
User-provided JDBC connection
Using code generation tool
Using schema generation tool
Using mapping file generation tool

Overview of the mapping file
The id element and primary key
Id generation methods
Composite id
Hibernate data types
Custom value types
Mapping for collections and associations
Mapping for rich associations
Component mapping
Inheritance mapping

Persistent classes
Loading an object
Find methods
The Query interface
Performing CRUD operations
Criteria Queries
Using native SQL query
Using lifecycle and interceptor callbacks
Transactions and concurrency

The select clause
The from clause
The where clause
Aggregate functions
Sorting, grouping, etc.


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