• Instructor: Rajan R.
  • Students: 8916
  • Duration: 10 weeks

In the  IT world, data generations are the biggest problem that many companies were facing today. So people make use of ETL tools the analyze this huge amount of data. And in this huge amount, there are some confidential data which need to keep private from the low-level users. So in order to provide user-level access, an administrator is essential. Today Organizations use many BI tools to analyze the data. And Infomation is one of the best tools that the IT Companies were using today.

What are the responsibilities of the Informatica administrator?

An Informatica administrator is responsible to collaborate the connection between various teams in an organization. a various teams involving the application support team, Network, Database teams, Storage as well as the UNIX teams. This administrator is responsible to manage the Development QA and production environment. Besides this person is responsible for password changes, software installation, Service Restart as well as the Network Changes

TechEinstein provides the best training on Informatica administration from scratch. This entire module course covers the installation, repository maintenance, meta-level data import as well as export and the external version control system. This course was designed to clear the certification


  • Informatica Server and client installation
  • Installation of Domain and Repository database (Oracle)
  • Installation and Configuration of PowerCenter 10.x
  • How to Use and Navigate the Administration Console
  • How to identify and verify Processing Threads
  • DTM Processing
  • Managing Licenses and Logs
  • Domain Reports
  • Creating Repository Service
  • Repository Service Properties
  • Creating Integration Service
  • Powercenter Integration Service Properties
  • Installing the client and connect with domain
  • Creating a sample mapping and workflow
  • Execute the sample workflow to test end to end installation
  • Manage Repository and Integration Services
  • Create, delete and back up contents
  • Start and Stopping the services
  • Folder copy, object copy from one repository to other repositories
  • Create and manage Users, Groups, Roles, and Privileges
  • Create Folders
  • Create and manage connections
  • Topics about Check-in/check out
  • How to check Dependencies
  • Viewing¬† history
  • Comparing different versions
  • Purging older versions
  • Create and Manage Deployment Groups
  • Labels in Informatica
  • Static and Dynamic Groups
  • Metadata Queries
  • Deploying a deployment group
  • Object migration methods
  • Performance tuning

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