• Instructor: Rajan R.
  • Students: 6571
  • Duration: 10 weeks

What is an ETL tool?

ETL stands for the Extraction, Load, and transformation of data. Here the term extract refers to the reading of data from the specified database. And the term transact function refers to the lookup data to convert it into the desired state. Finally, load function is used to write the resulting data to the target database, that may (or) may not exist.

TechEinstein Covers the following concepts in ETL Testing Training

Data Ware House Concepts

ETL Testing

Work Flow Manager

Test Cases preparation

All the syllabus thought throughout the course, will let you clear the ETL Certification

  • Basics of Data and Information
  • Business information and importance
  • What is Data Quality
  •  Importance of data quality
  •  How to ensure Data Quality
  • RDBMS systems
  • ACID Properties
  •  Integrity constraints
  • Operations on Data
  • Base tables
  • Recap DDL and DML statements
  • What is DWH/Data Mart
  • What is ETL
  • Source and Target Systems
  • Snow flake and Star Schemas
  • What is Data Extraction?.
  • Column/Data
  • Mapping
  • Batch Jobs
  •  How to Test
  • What is Transformation?
  • Various Transformation
  •  How to Test
  • Initial Loads/Incremental Loads
  • How to Test

Overview of typical ETL Architecture

  • ETL Testing
  •  Functional ETL Testing
  • ETL Test Plan
  •  ETL test Strategy
  • Dependencies
  • Assumptions
  • Sample Test Cases
  • SQL Queries
  • Using built In utilities
  • Using Joins
  •  Using Operators
  •  Using Excel
  • Batch Job Testing
  •  Performance Bench Marking
  • Verification of Log files
  • Roll Back Testing
  • Verification of Templates
  • Verification of Headers /Footers and Details Section
  • Verification (Static Text)
  • Verification of Aggregates /Summaries
  • Verification of Drill down reports
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