Data Science
  • Instructor: Rosy Janner
  • Students: 13556
  • Duration: 5 weeks

Big Data Hadoop (A complete course)

✧ Introduction to BIG DATA and Its characteristics
✧ 4 V’s of BIG DATA(IBM Definition of BIG DATA)
✧ What is Hadoop?
✧ Why Hadoop?
✧ Core Components of Hadoop
✧ Intro to HDFS and its Architecture
✧ Difference b/w Code Locality and Data Locality
✧ HDFS commands
✧ Name Node’s Safe Mode
✧ Different Modes of Hadoop
✧ Intro to MAPREDUCE
✧ Versions of HADOOP
✧ What is Daemon?
✧ Hadoop Daemons?
✧ What is Name Node?
✧ What is Data Node?
✧ What is Secondary name Node?
✧ What is Job Tracker?
✧ What is Task Tracker?
✧ What is Edge computer in Hadoop Cluster and Its role
✧ Read/Write operations in HDFS
✧ Complete Overview of Hadoop1.x and Its architecture
✧ Rack awareness
✧ Introduction to Block size
✧ Introduction to Replication Factor (R.F)
✧ Introduction to HeartBeat Signal/Pulse
✧ Introduction to Block report

✧ What is Mapper phase?
✧ What is shuffle and sort phase?
✧ What is Reducer phase?
✧ What is split?
✧ Difference between Block and split
✧ Intro to first Word Count program using MAPREDUCE
✧ Different classes for running MAPREDUCE program using Java
✧ Mapper class
✧ Reducer Class and Its role
✧ Driver class
✧ Submitting the Word Count MAPREDUCE program
✧ Going through the Jobs system output
✧ Intro to Partitioner with example
✧ Intro to Combiner with example
✧ Intro to Counters and its types
✧ Different types of counters
✧ Different types of input/output formats in HADOOP
✧ Use cases for HDFS & MapReduce programs using Java
✧ Single Node cluster Installation
✧ Multi Node cluster Installation
✧ Introduction to Configuration files in Hadoop and Its Imp.
✧ Complete Overview of Hadoop2.x and Its architecture
✧ Introduction to YARN
✧ Resource Manager
✧ Node Manager
✧ Application Master(AM)
✧ Applications Manager(AsM)
✧ Journal Nodes
✧ Difference Between Hadoop1.x and Hadoop2.x
✧ High Availability(HA)
✧ Hadoop Federation

✧ Intro to PIG
✧ Why PIG?
✧ The difference between MAPREDUCE and PIG
✧ When to go with MAPREDUCE?
✧ When to go with PIG?
✧ PIG data types
✧ What is field in PIG?
✧ What is tuple in PIG?
✧ What is Bag in PIG?
✧ Intro to Grunt shell?
✧ Different modes in PIG
✧ Local Mode
✧ Running PIG programs
✧ PIG Script
✧ Intro to PIG UDFs
✧ Writing PIG UDF using Java
✧ Registering PIG UDF
✧ Running PIG UDF
✧ Different types of UDFs in PIG
✧ Word Count program using PIG script
✧ Use cases for PIG scripts

✧Intro to HIVE
✧ Why HIVE?
✧ History of HIVE
✧ Difference between PIG and HIVE
✧ HIVE data types
✧ Complex data types
✧ What is Metastore and its importance?
✧ Different types of tables in HIVE
✧ Managed tables
✧ External tables
✧ Running HIVE queries
✧ Intro to HIVE partitions
✧ Intro to HIVE Buckets
✧ How to perform the JOINS using HIVE queries
✧ Intro to HIVE UDFs
✧ Different types of UDFs in HIVE
✧ Running HIVE queries for Word Count example
✧ Use cases for HIVE

✧ Intro to HBASE
✧ Intro to NoSQL database
✧ Sparse and dense Concept in RDBMS
✧ Intro to columnar/column oriented database
✧ Core architecture of HBase
✧ Why Hbase?
✧ HDFS vs HBase
✧ Intro to Regions, Region server and Hmaster
✧ Limitations of Hbase
✧ Integration with Hive and Hbase
✧ Hbase commands
✧ Use cases for HBASE

✧ Intro to Flume
✧ Intro to Sink, Source, Flume Master and Flume agents
✧ Importance of Flume agents
✧ Live Demo on copying LOG DATA into HDFS

✧ Intro to Sqoop
✧ Importing and exporting the RDBMS into HDFS
✧ Intro to incremental imports and its types
✧ Use cases to import the Mysql data into HDFS

✧ Intro to Zookeeper
✧ Zookeeper operations

✧ Intro to Oozie
✧ What is
✧ What is workflow.xml
✧ Scheduling the jobs in Oozie
✧ Scheduling MapReduce, HIVE,PIG jobs/Programs using Oozie.
✧ Setting up the VMware for Hadoop
✧ Installing all Hadoop Components
✧ Intro to Hadoop Distributions
✧ Intro to Cloudera and its major components

✧ Getting started With Scala.
✧ Scala Background, Scala Vs Java
✧ Introduction to Scala – REPL
✧ Scala data types, variables, simple functions.
✧ Intro to Scala compiler
✧ Installing Scala on Linux
✧ Intro to Functional Programming Language
✧ Differences between OOPS and FPP
✧ Word count pgm, file handling
✧ Running Scala script
✧ Intro to Maps
✧ Sets, groupBy, Options, flatten, flatMap and more

✧ What is Spark Ecosystem
✧ Batch vs real time data processing
✧ Intro to Spark Architecture
✧ Installing Scala on Linux
✧ Scala utility in Spark
✧ Spark Cluster Managers
✧ Spark -Standalone mode Installation
✧ Spark on YARN
✧ Spark on MESOS
✧ What is SparkContext
✧ Intro to RDDs
✧ Intro to DAG
✧ RDD’s lineage
✧ How to work on RDD in Spark
✧ What is transformations and Actions
✧ Intro to Spark Streaming(SS)
✧ Intro to Discretized Streams RDD
✧ Applying Transformations and Actions on Streaming data
✧ Intro to Spark Streaming Architecture
✧ Applying transformations and Actions on SS data
✧ How to run a Spark Cluster
✧ Comparison of MapReduce vs Spark
✧ Integration of Hadoop and Spark

✧ Tableau Fundamentals
✧ Tableau Analytics
✧ Visual Analytics
✧ Creating different types of WorkSheets, Dashboards, and Stories
✧ Connecting with different data sources
✧ Hadoop Integration with Tableau

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