• Instructor: Rosy Janner
  • Students: 7773
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Course Information

Angular JS is an Open Source framework for creating front end for various web applications. It is maintained by Google and a cluster of companies, corporations and individuals that help in dealing with challenges encountered while developing single page applications.The elements and components of Angular JS help in developing mobile applications as they are compatible with frameworks like Apache Cordova that play a role in mobile app development.

Angular JS framework extends and adapts HTML to display dynamic web pages.

More about Angular JS

AngularJS is an extension of HTML attributes. It is essentially a library written in JavaScript. Angular JS is saved as a JavaScript file and is added to a web page using a script tag.

  1. Introduction to Angular
  2. Typescript Programming
  3. Object Oriented Programming in TypeScript
  4. Data Initialization in Constructors
  5. Inheritance, super keyword usage
  6. Interfaces – (Eg:  PipeTransform, OnInit)
  7. Arrow Functions in TypeScript
  8. Angular CLI
  9. Angular Application Project Structure
  10. Root Module and Root Component
  11. Developing Component class
  12. Template and TemplateURL
  13. Data binding :   1-way, 2-way
  14. Event Handling in Angular components
  15. Applying styles to components
  16. Transforming data using Pipes
  17. Custom Pipes in Angular
  18. Component interaction : @Input and @Output
  19. Angular Forms – Template Driven and Model Driven
  20. Developing Services and Injecting Services
  21. Single Page Application (SPA) Development
  22. Routing, RouterModule, RouterOutlet
  23. AJAX Calls using HttpClientModule
  24. Developing Feature Modules
  25. Integrating Bootstrap library in Angular templates

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