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Python Programming

Learn Python Online Training Python is one of the limited languages which can require being both easy and important. It allows you to focus on the answer to the problem sooner than the language itself. The language presents and creates designed to enable writing clear plans on both in small and…

Angular Certification Training

Course Information Angular JS is an Open Source framework for creating front end for various web applications. It is maintained by Google and a cluster of companies, corporations and individuals that help in dealing with challenges encountered while developing single page applications.The elements and components of Angular JS help in…

ReactJS Training

A react JS is a JAVA script library for building  UI reusable components. It encourages the creation of reusable components that change over time. By offering a simple programming model, react offer the simple programming model and better performance. Using node react can render on the node and abstracts the…

NodeJS Course

Node js an open source cross-platform run time environment that executes the applications outside the browser. Node JS allows developers to use JavaScript for writing commands to run the commands outside of the web browser. In other words,NodeJS is a JAVA script run-time built on chrome V8 JAVA script engine. Basically,…

Ethical Hacking Certification Course

Ethical hacking refers to the demonstration of finding the shortcoming and vulnerabilities of the PC and Information system. This can be done by copying the activity and motivation of the moral programmer. This ethical hacking is otherwise called as penetration testing (or) intrusion testing (or) red teaming. An ethical hacker…

Ruby on Rails Course

Learn Ruby on Rails online Course: Rails are a server-side open source web application framework with a high relevance in today’s marketplace. A learner can build their web application through dynamic, object-oriented and high-level programming which is interpreted like Perl and Python. Developing database web application to configure the database and…

UI Online Course

UI or User Interface is something that a user interacts with while using a web application or a mobile application or any software. This could be display screens, buttons, mouse cursor, keys and sometimes also the desktop. With the user interface the users can give instructions and commands to the…

Dot Net and Web Technologies

As most of us already know, .Net is a software framework of Microsoft. It primarily runs on Windows. It is used by developers to develop new applications majorly for Windows platform. ASP.NET is an open source server side web application framework that is developed from initial .NET release. With ASP.NET…

Workday Online Training

What is Workday? Workday is a Cloud-based software vendor specializes in Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management applications. It is directed from the cloud and provides a contemporary technology platform that offers superior data availability. This technology is the most preferable for financial and human capital management software that…

Devops with Azure Training

Azure DevOps Professionals were Combined Software Developers, Where they Process technologies continuously for valuable Services and Products. That which Meet more Business Objectives and Needs. Continuous Deployment and Integration by using Azure DevOps.This Course is not a Mix of Theory, that how we think and how you should move Software.…

MicroStrategy Training

Learn MicroStrategy Training Micro Strategy is a venture business insight (BI) application programming, the merchant which has intelligent dashboards, scorecards, very organized reports, impromptu question, limits and alarms, and computerized report conveyance. Its Interfaces incorporate the web, desktop (for engineers) and Microsoft Office combination. Micro Strategy Mobile additionally bolsters versatile…

SharePoint Online Training

Course Information SharePoint is a web application that is works with Microsoft Office. SharePoint was initially marketed as Document Management and Storage System. SharePoint has high configuration and its usage varies drastically with organizations. Applications: SharePoint has varied application few of the many are Enterprise Content &Document Management: Share Point…

Microsoft Azure Training

Learn Azure training Azure is a cloud infrastructure and platform by Microsoft. Azure is used in situations where users wish to develop, deploy and manage applications (mobile or otherwise) though the global network of internet. Azure supports various frameworks and programming languages. Having a subscription to the azure services would…

DataStage Online Training

Course Information Info Sphere Data Stage is an IBM ETL Tool that is a part of Information Platforms Solutions. Data Stage in known for using Graphical notation for constructing data integration solutions. Data Stage is used in organisations to act as an interface between systems. With Data Stage, the users…

Business Analyst Training

Learn Business Analyst Course A business Analyst’s job is to analyse an organization, business domain, systems or processes. The role of a Business Analyst is to act as a liaison among the stakeholders to understand the policies, structure and operations of an organization and also recommend solutions to help the organization…

Cognos TM1 Training

Learn Cognos TM1 Training Cognos TM1 is a tool provided by IBM. It falls under the Business Intelligence and Analysis department. It was formerly known as Applix TM1. It helps users to implement planning budgeting and forecasting solutions required for the firm, while collaborating with all the employees and stake holders.…

MEAN Stack Training

Who is the MEAN Stack Developer? In designing the web applications the term MEAN stack refers to the collection of JAVAScript-Based technologies. MEAN is an acronym of MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS as well as Node Js. This MEAN is the full-stack JavaScript from Client to server and server to the DataBase.…

Data Analytics Training

Analysis plays a major role in the IT industry. These analysis reports decide your future business. And today data is the heart in the IT industry. And many companies were generating the revenue through this data. So there is a need to learn Data analytics. What is data analytics? It…

ETL Testing Training

What is an ETL tool? ETL stands for the Extraction, Load, and transformation of data. Here the term extract refers to the reading of data from the specified database. And the term transact function refers to the lookup data to convert it into the desired state. Finally, load function is…

iOS Development

Learn iOS App Development Online Training iOS app development is one of the most sought after courses in the market. With the craze for Apple products still raging and the absolute need to own a smartphone, iOS’s popularity is breaking all records. No matter how expensive the Apple products get…

Android Certification Training

Learn Android App Development Online Training Android is software and Linux-based operating system for computers such as tablet computers and smartphones. It is initially owned by American company GOOGLE and later by OHA (Open Handset Alliance) Initially developed by Android Inc. in 2005 and wax unlevelled in 2007. The first…

Informatica Administration Training

In the  IT world, data generations are the biggest problem that many companies were facing today. So people make use of ETL tools the analyze this huge amount of data. And in this huge amount, there are some confidential data which need to keep private from the low-level users. So…

Microsoft Dynamics D365 AX

About Course Course Content Sample Vedio FAQ’s Certification Reviews About Course What Are The Prerequisites? Course Features  Course Duration : 40 Hrs Highly interactive, reliable and quality learning sessions of the course are conducted by techeinstein. For a better learning experience, the courses are divided into distinctive phases and sessions.…

Data Science w. R, Python, ML

Getting started with Data Science and Recommender Systems Introduction to Data Science, Importance of Data Science, Statistical and analytical methods, Deploying Data Science for Business Intelligence, Transforming data, Machine learning Introduction to Recommender systems Reasons to Use Data Science – Project Life cycle How Data Science solves real world problems,…

Power BI

Introducing Power BI Introduction to Power BI Getting started with Power BI Power BI Installation Introducing natural-language queries Introducing Quick Insights Introduction to Report and Report Design Introducing Visual Interactions Power BI Desktop & Power BI Services Building blocks of Power BI Understanding Desktop & Mobile Editions Report Rendering Options…


MSBI Basics Understanding SSIS BIDS Building and Executing a Package Control Flow Control Flow Control Flow Constraints Data Flow Data Flow Data Flow Transformations Variables Variables Data Flow Variables Control Flow Variables Containers Containers For Loop Containers Transaction Report Logging and Errors Checkpoints and Handling  Errors Outputs and Break Points…

Oracle Apps

Oracle Apps Course Description sun trainings is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings for students in world wide. sun trainings providing Best Oracle Apps online training in Hyderabad Introduction to ERP Definition of ERP, Overview of popular ERP’S Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP’S Types of…

Oracle DBA

Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture Explain the Memory Structures Describe the Process Structures Overview of Storage Structures Preparing the Database Environment Identify the tools for Administering an Oracle Database Plan an Oracle Database installation Install the Oracle software by using Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) Creating an Oracle Database Create a…

Oracle ADF

Oracle ADF Course Description Learn Oracle ADF Training – Become Expert in Oracle ADF Developer | Project Scenarios | Recorded Sessions | ADF Training Material. Oracle ADF Online Training with real time scenarios ORACLE ADF Training Course in USA, CANADA, UK, Australia, Hyderabad, Banglore, India.. Attend Free Demo Introduction to…

RPA – UiPath

Description By utilizing charts and flowcharts we would setup be able to the computerization exercises by utilizing UiPath work process planner. Utilizing UiPath studio it’s simpler to robotize the procedures. By utilizing simplified alternatives we can arrange and perform computerization quicker, more individuals can chip away at a similar work…

RPA – Blue Prism

Description The Blue Prism innovation is proposed to be utilized by IT individuals and businessmen cooperating. IT must be included initially to set things up and arrange organizations. Blue Prism preparing in ZaranTech influences a wannabe to gain every one of the ideas ideal from the rudiments to the propelled…


Step 1) Get A Free Demo Step 2) Study Course Curriculum Chemoinformatics • Introduction to Chemoinformatics • Introduction to computational softwares. • Brief overview of computational methods Ab-initio, DFT • Semi-empirical methods and basis sets. • Z-matrix preparation • Input preparation with GUI • Various key words used in computational…

Selenium with Java

This course is designed using Selenium for test automation covering framework design with real-time industry oriented exercises with real-time project-based learning approach. Core Java basics are also covered as part of the course. Course Objective After completion of the course, one will be able to automate any web based application.…

Data Science And Statistical Data Analytics

Introduction to Data Science and Statistical Analytics • Introduction to Data Science, Use cases • Need of Business Analytics • Data Science Life Cycle • Different tools available for Data Science Introduction to R Installing R and R-Studio, R packages, R Operators, If statements and loops (for, while, repeat, break,…

Data Science With R

INTRODUCTION • Introduction to data science • Applications of data science • Importance of data science • Difference between Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Ai • Introduction to Deep learning • Introduction to Ai BASIC STATISTICS • Data and Data types • Measures of central tendency • Variance, Standard Deviation…

Project Management

PROJECT MANAGEMENT • Introduction• Agile and Traditional Project Management• Agile Approach• Drawbacks of Waterfall Methodologies• Choice of Methodologies/Frameworks AGILE MANIFESTO • The Agile Manifesto Overview• Manifesto Values• Manifesto Principles SCRUM FRAMEWORK • Overview of Scrum• Brief History of Scrum• Why Use Scrum?• Scrum Principles• Scrum Aspects• Scrum Processes• Scrum vs.…

Java Technologies

Java Complete Syllabus 1. Core Java 2. Advanced Java 3. Spring Framework 4. Hibernate 5. WebServices Core Java Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts Introduction Abstraction Encapsulation Inheritance Polymorphism Getting started with java Introduction to Java Features of java Java basics Java programming basics Data types Type casting Control Structure Java Arrays…


Introduction to Introduction


Introduction to biological databases Introduction to genomics Gene prediction methods and tools. Basic structures of nucleotides. Introduction to biological databases – primary, secondary and composite databases Data storage and formats. NCBI Nucleic acid databases (GenBank, EMBL, DDBJ) Protein databases (PIR, Swiss-Prot TrEMBL, PDB) Metabolic pathway database – KEGG. Small molecule…

DevOps w AWS

Topics are covered with Real time Examples in Detail and Live Projects Introduction to Cloud Computing Introduction to cloud computing Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing Service Models in Cloud computing Deployment models in Cloud Computing Introduction to AWS AWS Account creation &free tier limitations overview Identity Access Management Root Account…


Tableau (Desktop and Server) Course Content Introduction Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Product Line Application Terminology Creating a Live Data Connection Saving a Data SourceSharing a Data SourceUnderstanding Changes to DataOther Data Connection Options in Tableau Creating Basic Visualizations Getting Started in Tableau DesktopElements of a VisualizationFormatting Your ViewSimplifying and…

QA Manual and Automation

ABOUT THE TRAINER 9 Years of Industry Experience 4 Years of Training Experience Manual Testing Course Details Introduction What is Testing What is Quality Software Development Life Cycle Initial Requirement phase Analysis phase Design phase Coding phase Testing phase Delivery and Maintenance phase Where Exactly Testing is Used Conventional Testing…


SAP Beginner SAP commands unparalleled premium in the ERP & IT market. SAP has the largest market share of all ERP systems. SAP ABAP ABAP is the programming language used in SAP. ABAP Tutorials are designed to make learning easy with code samples. SAP HANA SAP HANA is for data…

Salesforce – Admin

Salesforce  Admin Course Duration:  45 Hours Delivery type: Instructor-led Online training ABOUT THE TRAINER 12 YEARS OF INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE 7 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN ONLINE AND CLASSROOM TRAINING SALESFORCE CRM  ONLINE TRAINING COURSE CONTENT TRACK I: Objective Identity Confirmation Activate your computer Setting Up the User Interface Set up the UI & search options…

Dot Net Technologies

Dot Net Technologies (Complete Course Package)  Module1: C#.NET Basics and OOPS  Module2: Windows Forms App and ADO.NET  Module3: ASP.NET Module1: C#.NET Basics and OOPS Target Audience: This module is meant for the programmers, who are completely new to .NET Framework and C#.NET. Pre-requisite: Good knowledge in “C” language Goals: By…
Data Science

Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop (A complete course) HDFS and MAPREDUCE ✧ Introduction to BIG DATA and Its characteristics ✧ 4 V’s of BIG DATA(IBM Definition of BIG DATA) ✧ What is Hadoop? ✧ Why Hadoop? ✧ Core Components of Hadoop ✧ Intro to HDFS and its Architecture ✧ Difference b/w Code…

Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance CSM Standards)

SCRUM MASTER TRAINING COURSE OUTLINE Introduction to SDLC What is Agile? o Agile Manifesto o Agile values and principles o Types of Agile methodologies Classic life cycles Vs Agile methodologies Introduction to Scrum o Approach o Thought process o Brief history Principles of Scrum Values of Scrum Introduction to Scrum…

Business Analysis

BUSINESS ANALYSIS (Complete Course Package) Objectives:At the end of the training course, participants will know how to conduct a business systemsanalysis assignment using tools, Methodologies and techniques in Software Development LifeCycle Phases.Who should attend?● Entry-level IT Business Analysts●Domain expertise’s aspiring to get into the business analysis● Self-taught IT Business Analysts…

Salesforce – Developer

Salesforce  Admin Course Duration:  45 Hours Delivery type: Instructor-led Online training Contact for Free Demo Request: ABOUT THE TRAINER 12 YEARS OF INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE 7 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN ONLINE AND CLASSROOM TRAINING SALESFORCE CRM  ONLINE TRAINING COURSE CONTENT TRACK I: Objective Identity Confirmation Activate your computer Setting Up the User Interface Set up…

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server 20019 DBA online training Course content Module 1: Introduction to SQL Server Getting familiar with ITIL Concept Type and Shifts  DBAs Roles and Responsibilities of DBA  History of SQL Server & Code name  New features of SQL Server 2005 & 2008  Different Editions of SQL Server  Tools of SQL Server Hardware and…

Data Science with Python

Data Science With Python Content Data Analysis using MySQL •  Introduction to Data • Introduction to DataSets • Introduction to Databases • What is need of Databases • What is RDBMS • What is SQL • What is MySQL • Why MySQL • Data Defination Language Commands • Data Manipulation…


DevOps Course Content DevOps (A Complete Course Package) Agile Methodology and DevOps • Linux Basics: • Scripting – Bash (shell scripting) and Advanced Python Programming • SCM – Git • Build Management – Ant • Web/Application Server – apache and Tomcat • Database – MySQL, MongoDB (NoSQL) • Cloud Computing…

AWS Amazon Cloud Computing

ABOUT THE TRAINER 9 Years of Industry Experience 4 Years of Training Experience AWS Training Content Guide Table of Content Introduction to Cloud Computing AWS Security : IAM AWS Compute : EC2 AWS Storage : S3 AWS Networking: VPC and Route53 AWS Database : RDS AWS ELB and Auto Scaling…
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